People are raving about our tortillas and tamales! Here’s what they say:


I don’t usually get excited about food items, but I happened to buy a package of your whole wheat tortillas at Whole Foods on Sixth St. this week, and I feel compelled to write and let you know that they are wonderful—tender, flavorful, fresh. They are delicious just absolutely plain, warmed up a few seconds in the microwave.

Don’t change a thing!

Betty C.


On a recent trip to Austin, I discovered them and they are the best. June E.


We love your raw white tortillas! Thanks for making such a great product! Just like my abuela used to make. Leticia A.


I had your Spelt tortillas when visiting Texas. I enjoyed them very much. Sharon W.



Your Vegan Black Bean tamales are on my list of staples! These are a perfect food.  When I eat them, I need nothing else. Thank you so much for making this product. It is one of the only foods on my “must have list.” Barbara K.


I commend you on your excellent efforts to make these awesome healthy tamales.  Especially for those of us that need to watch what we eat due to former illnesses.  May God bless you always and thank you again for all that you do.”

Elma G.


I purchased your Vegan Medley tamales and fixed them for dinner, and I absolutely LOVED them.

You have an excellent product. I was very impressed. I appreciate good vegan food.



My family loves your tamales! Heather R.